【News】Customized Space for Tenants

On Mother’s Day weekend, while you were celebrating with your family, do you know what Angus’s team was busy with? We were helping a client renovate their office!

Due to the company’s growth and expansion of personnel, the original office space for 12 people was no longer sufficient. After Angus proposed a new layout plan utilizing available space in the business park, both parties decided to merge the adjacent 4-person rooms into the current space. This not only improved overall utilization but also made workflow more convenient and communication within the team easier.

Angus has its own renovation team, with seamless coordination for over 10 years. Despite the current shortage of labor and overwhelming demand for renovation projects post-earthquake, we were still able to quickly assemble carpenters, plumbers, painters, HVAC technicians, and other professionals to complete the task in the shortest time possible.

Who is suitable for customized space planning?
Any team with more than 10 people and over 3 years of office space requirements can approach Angus.

Why choose Angus?
2.1 Angus has its own renovation team, ensuring swift and efficient integration, saving you renovation costs.
2.2 Angus is one of the few providers capable of offering both large and small to medium-sized office space planning simultaneously. By combining resources with a business center, clients enjoy office equipment upon move-in, bilingual secretarial services, and consultations from professional accountants and lawyers, allowing them to focus solely on their business.
2.3 Located in the popular commercial area of Nanjing Fuxing, Angus offers convenient transportation in the city center. With nearly 500 square meters of flexible space available on-site, we can surely provide suitable options through consolidation planning.

Still searching for office space? Give Angus a try!

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