[Event Highlights] Open Policy’s :First visit to Taiwan

Thank you to CEO Atsushi Nagashima and his team from the Japanese company Open Policy Co., Ltd. for choosing Angus as the venue for the Hibara seminar during their first visit to Taiwan! This was an unforgettable service experience for Angus.

Mr. Nagashima found us on the website, and with just two emails exchanged, we confirmed the event date, number of attendees, equipment requirements, and details for the welcome signage. We smoothly finalized the venue rental for the end of the month. Until the day before the event, Mr. Nagashima did not contact his secretary again. Concerned that it might be Mr. Nagashima’s first time in Taiwan and he might have trouble finding Angus, we took the initiative to design a simple map guide, hoping the team would arrive smoothly.

The venue was scheduled to open at 2 p.m., but all guests arrived by 1:30 p.m. We initially thought that seminars held overseas might be more relaxed, but the Japanese guests approached their work with their characteristic seriousness and dedication. Upon arrival, they busily arranged thick stacks of academic materials on the table and immediately engaged in a four-hour seminar. Embracing the role of a good host, Angus also empathized with the travelers’ hard work away from home. We deliberately prepared Taiwanese snacks and beverages, hoping that guests from Japan could feel the warmth of Taiwan amidst their activities.

It wasn’t until after the event that we saw this group of guests display the vitality and smiles typical of young people. They happily took a group photo at Taipei 101, marking a perfect conclusion to the event.

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