[Event Highlights] Occupancy of Large Office Space for 70 People

Successfully completed the reception work for 70 office residents (phew!)

When the secretary first received inquiries about the need for office space for 70 people, her initial thought was:


This response was not only due to the training in Taiwan to deal with endless scam calls but mainly because small to medium-sized teams are the target clientele of business centers. It wasn’t until the client called a second time and scheduled an on-site visit that they realized they had made a mistake.

The client needed office space for 70 people due to renovation requirements in their own office space. To accommodate the construction team’s schedule, they needed temporary office space for 70 people within a month. They also wanted the new location to be centrally located for easy commuting for their employees. Angus office spaces offer diverse options, spacious layouts, and are situated in the popular Nanjing Fuxing commercial area, adjacent to the Miramar Shopping Mall and Liaoning Night Market, providing excellent living facilities, making it the preferred choice for the client.

On the first day of the team’s move-in, every employee was excited and curious, reminiscent of school camp visits. “Your office is here! I’m in another area.”

Since Angus’s entire floor plan is uniform and expansive, to guide the team smoothly into their new offices, electronic signs were added in the stairwell to direct them. Additionally, a 15-minute on-site tour was arranged to familiarize the client with the geographical layout, facilities, and services of the north and south sections of the campus.

The employees from various departments were confident and radiant, akin to walking on a fashion runway, especially the sales department, who were always busy with project-related phone calls or conducting back-to-back video conferences in the meeting rooms. Fortunately, the park provides three meeting rooms of different sizes to meet the team’s extensive meeting needs!

The technical department employees, like top students, were intelligent and diligent, promptly addressing technical issues reflected by clients while seated in front of computers for long periods. Perhaps due to the demanding nature of their work, they always needed to replenish carbohydrates and sugar. The coffee grinding and snack area in the rest area was extremely popular, often unable to meet demand.

Fortunately, the client’s work seamlessly transitioned into normal operation after moving in, even successfully hosting Japanese business representatives visiting Taiwan in Angus’s large conference room. Two weeks after moving in, employees seemed to have integrated into the Angus environment, entering the building in the morning accompanied by elegant ambient music, stepping lightly; taking out their laptops, finding a comfortable corner in the park’s long table area, quietly typing on the keyboard to start work; brewing a cup of rich coffee for themselves at noon, calming their busy minds in the sofa area, or choosing to sit at the sunny high table, enjoying the love prepared by their family…

Thank you to the client for choosing Angus, and thanks to these lovely employees for making Angus a success.

Wishing the team every success!

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